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Easter chocolate egg with a coconut stuffing


01 kg of chocolate;

01,185 kg of condensed milk (03 cans);
Grated coconut.


Heat the condensed milk and the coconut, always mixing until it thickens. Let it cool to use it and fill the chocolate Easter egg.

Melt the chocolate in water bath, carefully to avoid it burns. Take the half of the melted chocolate and drop it to the bench, spread the chocolate with a kitchen spatula or spoon, let it cool until it gets a 27ºC temperature. Hint: put a bit of chocolate at the tip of the knife to see if it is thickening and if it is bright.

Mix it with the other half which is in a bowl. In a Easter egg mold, drop the chocolate making a layer and take it to the fridge for 2 minutes. The rest which is in the bowl, always mix to avoid it crystallize. Remove the mold with the first layer from the fridge and drop the chocolate to make a second layer. Now, get the truffle stuffing and cover it with the chocolate. Take it to the fridge for more 2 minutes and unmold it.


Depends on the chosen mold, but it serves about 05 units of 200 g.


01 hour

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