segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Pave lemon


01 cup of milk;
03 egg whites;
½ cup of lemon juice, without added water;
100 g of champagne biscuit or cornstarch biscuit;
395 g of condensed milk;
395 g of heavy cream, without serum.


Beat the egg whites in a mixer until it is in snow, add the condensed milk and heavy cream, mixing. Add lemon juice and mix well. Leave it aside for a moment. Dip the cookies in milk, and line them at the bottom of a refractory bowl, on top of that, add the mix that you put aside, while making layers of biscuit and mousse until it reaches the top of the bowl. If you wish, garnish with lemon zest. Take it to the refrigerator for about 02 hours.


06 people


20 minutes + 02 hours in the refrigerator

Recipe by: Nani Oliveira
Adaptations: Thiago Peixoto

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