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Chinese loin


  • 01 ½ cup of tea, flour;
  • 01 ½ cup of tea, milk;
  • 01 pineapples, big and not too ripe, cut into large cubes;
  • 01 teaspoon of salt;
  • 01 spoon of cornstarch;
  • 01 spoon of ketchup;
  • 01 spoon, flavor enhancer umami;
  • 01 kg of loin, chopped into large cubes;
  • 01 egg;
  • 02 teaspoons of sugar;
  • 02 yellow capsicum, cut into large chunks;
  • 02 green capsicum, cut into large chunks;
  • 02 red capsicum, cut into large chunks;
  • 04 onions, medium, cut in four;
  • Lemon;
  • Oil.


In a bowl, add milk, egg, salt, and flour, mixing well until bubbles break flour. After well blended book. Season the meat with the lemon and salt to taste. In a pan pour a medium amount of oil to fry the ingredients. While the oil heats up, put a few pieces of pork, about 06, the cream made earlier, going back to it. Then fry the small portion of meat, repeating the procedure until the end of it. But beware, it should not move much, let a golden hand and turn once to brown the other.

Later in the same oil that fried the meat, fry separately, onion, capsicuns and pineapple last until they are tender. Now in a large pot, pour a little oil in frying, adding umami flavor enhancer, sugar, salt, cornstarch, ketchup and mixing everything. If necessary, add water to turn a creamy sauce. Bring to a boil between 03 to 05. Add all ingredients to pot and finally leaving the loin. Now just mix everything and serve.


  • 12 people


  • 01 hours 40 minutes

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