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Condensed milk pudding II - will not fire


01 gelatine envelope tasteless powder (hydrated and dissolved as the manufacturer);
01 teacup of milk;
02 boxes of heavy cream (400 g);
02 cans of condensed Milk (790 g).


In a blender put condensed milk, cream, milk and unflavored gelatin powder (hydrated and dissolved according to the manufacturer); beat well to form a homogeneous mixture. Transfer this mixture to a pan of caramel pudding and refrigerate for approx. 03 hours. Unmold and serve.

OBS.: If you want more sauce, place in a pot 01 cup (tea) of sugar and let it melt and stick with caramel color. Pour ½ cup (tea) of water, let the caramel dissolves and arrive at the point of thick syrup (10 minutes). Let cool before playing on the pudding.

TIP 01: Keep the boxes of cream in the fridge so that when you use them for your enjoyment is complete. When you open the box, the cream will be firm and leave all at once, without getting shaving packaging.

TIP 02: If you want to accelerate the hardening of the pudding place the pudding for 1 hour in the freezer, then transfer to the refrigerator.

TIP 03: Do not heat the bottom of the pan to unmold the pudding, just run a knife gently heated on the side of the pudding to help release it. Then turn the pan on a serving plate and unmold.


08 servings


03 hours and 15 minutes

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