sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

Sandwich bread whole grain 12


  • 01 tea cup of red onion, thinly sliced​​;
  • 02 spoons of balsamic vinegar;
  • 02 teaspoons of sugar;
  • 02 tomatoes cut into thin slices;
  • 08 slices of ham;
  • 10 slices of 12 grain bread;
  • 120 g Gorgonzola cheese, cut into thin slices;
  • Black olive;
  • Butter.


Mix the onions with the vinegar and sugar, cover and refrigerate for 01 hours. Brush the bread with butter on the slice and add the ham, tomato slices, cheese, onions and finally the olives. Now just cover with another slice of bread.

  • 05 units

  • 01 hour and 10 minutes

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